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Digital Content Statement

Digital content is provided to facilitate research, improve access, and to help preserve original materials held within the University Archives.  Open public access to archival materials is provided to encourage education and scholarship.  We are working to provide fully accessible content to ensure that everyone can use the digital content we post.  Please see our Historical Context Statement regarding our commitment to providing full open access and encouraging viewers to put collection content in historical context.

The University Archives' website is the portal to content, and pages will link directly to the resources. Digital content may be posted as online exhibitions, within research collections, or as part of the University Libraries' Digital Collections Repository; decisions about where materials are posted depends largely on the functionality of the platform and the features needed to best access the content. 

Note that digital materials represent a selection of the materials in the University Archives; not everything held by the Archives is available digitally or online.  New digital content is added as it becomes available.


For assistance with archival research or to report any issues with accessibility, please Ask an Archivist


Digital content is subject to copyright law.  See also the copyright statements related to materials in the University Archives.