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University Records Retention Schedule

Our newly-revised RRS is live!

The University's Records Retention Schedule (RRS) was certified in January 2019.  Please read carefully as some records series have been removed, new series have been added, and many retention periods have changed.

This schedule is divided into three functional sections to make finding records series easier.  To expand the list, click the header for each section.

Navigation hint: To view individual (numbered) records series, right click and open in a new tab.


Depending on your browser, you may need to clear your cache or reload the page to access the updated RRS.  If you still receive error messages after clearing your browser's cache or reloading the page, please report the URL to  


Be sure to check out the Prepare for Disposition page for important notices, updates, and the link to the disposition instructions page (which includes the revised RDL form and other helpful documents).

The University's Records Retention Schedule is certified by the State of Texas as valid from January 2019 through December 2023 and applies to all records, regardless of format.  This online RRS supersedes all prior versions; please dispose of all previous schedules.

Please review this online RRS and double-check retention periods before submitting disposition logs.  Retention periods have changed because of Legislative mandates and other State of Texas decisions that affect retention.  The most efficient way to notify employees about revised retention periods is to update this online RRS.