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RM Training

Basic records management training, For the Record: What You Really Need to Know About Records Management, is held each semester. The office of Organizational Development and Communication may send e-mail reminders about three weeks before the scheduled workshop.  Register via SAP. 

Training Overview

Employees need practical knowledge and tools to make good decisions about managing university records.  Training begins with definitions and State requirements, then introduces the retention schedule and explains the process for preparing records for disposition. 

Employees who have responsibility for maintaining departmental records should attend every two years to stay up-to-date.  See UPPS 01.04.32 for detailed information about recordkeeping responsibilities.

Training Dates

The Fall 2020 workshop will be scheduled soon.  Training will be held via Zoom to maintain social distancing protocols. 

Workshops are offered through Organizational Development and Communications.  Pre-registration via SAP is encouraged, but those who are unable to pre-register may attend either session as "walk-in" participants.  Student workers may also attend as "walk-in" participants. 

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Additional Resources

The Records Management Office, University Archives, University of British Columbia created some informative and entertaining videos on the topic of records management.  While the terminology is a little different, and UBC has workflows and policies that differ from Texas State's, the videos provide a great overview of records management processes.  Just remember - these videos help explain concepts -- but do not reflect our university's policies! 

With thanks to Barbara Towell, E-Records Manager, University Archives, University of British Columbia for allowing us to share the videos her office created.