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McDonald, Vernon

Vernon McDonald


Coach Vernon McDonald (1929–) was born in Dale, Texas. McDonald earned his BA in physical education from Southwest Texas State Teachers College in 1952. He subsequently earned his MA in education in 1954. He served as assistant football and basketball coach from 1949–1961. McDonald then became the university's head basketball coach from 1961–1977, eventually becoming assistant athletic director and assistant professor of physical education.

McDonald was inducted into the university's athletics hall of honor in 1977. He retired in 1988 from Southwest Texas State University after thirty-five years of service. The university's athletic department established the Vernon McDonald Endowed Scholarship in his honor, which he continued to oversee well after his retirement. McDonald received the university's Distinguished Alumni Award in 2010.

Texas 150 Oral History

Coach McDonald details his relationship with Milton Jowers, how the university's basketball team changed over the years while he played for, and coached it (1950s through 1980s), and what he sees in the team's future. He mentions other topics such as school registration, Dr. Evans, Dr. Flowers, Dr. McCrocklin, Lyndon B. Johnson, Oscar Strahan, Coach Wacker, and the Strahan Coliseum.

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