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NASA Oral History

Established in 1996, the goal of the NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project (JSC OHP) is to capture history from the individuals who first provided the country and the world with an avenue to space and the moon. Participants include managers, engineers, technicians, doctors, astronauts, and other employees of NASA and aerospace contractors who served in key roles during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle programs.

In 1999, NASA partnered with History students at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) to conduct interviews with former employees who lived in the Central Texas area.  Over the three years of the project, Texas State graduate students conducted approximately 60 interviews with NASA retirees. 

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Interviews conducted by Texas State students

The 1999 and 2000 release forms stipulate that no copies of the interviews (audio or transcripts) will be made. Copyright is retained by NASA. The Johnson Space Center has a complete set of all oral history materials held in this collection.

Please visit the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Oral History Project page to view transcripts for all of the interviews conducted for this project, including those competed by SWT (Texas State) students.  The JSC Oral History Project page allows researchers to identify content by a specific project, search by name of interviewees, or see a list of all oral history interviews conducted to date.


Ballard, David A.

Ballinger, Leon

Barnes, Charles M.

Barry, Thomas D.

Bell III, David

Bernhard, Marvin

Berthiaume, Sheridan

Bigham, James

Bizzell, Robert M.

Bullock, Edward

Chapko, Elaine

Craig, Betty

Craig, Jerry W.

Crow, O'Dell

Dalke, Edgar A.

Davis, Hubert P.

DeAtkine, Joseph

Deiterich, Charles

Engert, Max

Gibson, Cecil

Gray, Emerson

Griffin, Richard L.

Hannigan, James

Hector, Garland

Houck, O. Karl

Huntley, Maynard R.

Hyle, Charles

Irwin, Ray Mune

Joerns, Jack

Kimball, Garner

Kimball, Marilyn

Lake, Michael

Levy, Charles

Lowrimore, Clyde

Mangieri, Dan

McBryar, Hoyt

McCraw, David Lloyd

Medina, Pete

Merrifield, Robert

Moser, Thomas

Nelson, Raymond

Normand, Ann

Patnesky, Andrew

Perez, Jose

Petrash, Edward

Piotrowski, Richard

Pirtle, Joe

Reim, Milton

Rose, Rodney

Shannon, James J.

Smith, Emery E.

Stafford, Donald

Thirolf, Robert

Townsend, Neil

Vincze, John

Vogt, Robert A.

Waters, Clyde

Watkins, Glenn

Whelan, Patrick J.

Wind, Lars Irvin

Wood, Herschel J.